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    Banding Questions

    Bob White

      I'm graphing the number of orders by day that are tied to a specific catalog.  The catalogs are mailed in two batches, usually about a week apart to make it easier for the call center to handle the resulting orders.  On this graph, I would like to highlight what we call the "in-home" date - the date range around which the catalogs should have arrived in the house.


      The mailings will have distinct dates when they're mailed -- let's say February 4 and February 11.  On the graph of orders by day, I would want to band February 6 through February 14 for the first batch of catalogs and February 13 through February 21 for the second batch.  The date range to be banded will always be the same number of days relative to the date the catalogs were sent.  It is okay that the two bands overlap.


      We aren't trying to attribute orders to one batch of catalogs versus another, we just want to be able to display the appropriate banding when the catalogs should have arrived in the home.


      Is it possible for the banding to be implemented automatically without user intervention, and if so, how would I do that?


      Can the graph be banded automatically for an arbitrary number of send dates?  Usually, we have two send dates, but for small campaigns, there might be only one send date, whereas for campaigns around the Holidays, there might be three or even four send dates.


      We have Tableau version 7.





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          Joshua Milligan



          What about using a Gantt bar?  You could create a calculated field that is Date Mailed + 2 Days for the minimum estimated arrival and then another that simply hard-coded the maximum number of days after that.  I think you could get a very nice looking visualization by adjusting the transparency of the Gantt bars.


          Do you happen to have a packaged workbook with sample data in the same format as the data you are using?  That would help with specifics for your situation.


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