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    Can i have a dynamically changing date slider filter based on the dates in my oracle dataset?

    Brad Wilkenson

      I have several workbooks that connect to an oracle dataset that gets refreshed every day.  Each day the dates that are included in the dataset slide forward one day.  I want to include a slider filter in my dashboards to allow the end users to "zoom into" a specific period if they'd like, but I'm noticing that these sliders stay static with the dates that were there when I first published the workbook on tableau server.  Now when tableau server refreshes the workbook each day, I am constantly losing 1 day of data in the initial view.  The end user can adjust these sliders every time they log in to view the workbook, and the new data is there, but this is a pain.  How can i get these sliders to "slide" with the data that is in the dataset?  I've attached a couple screenshots that show what I'm talking about.