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    Just Published Workbook Cannot be Found in Database

    Jeremy DeVoss



      I think I have fallen into an odd corner case when it comes to integrating with Tableau and I'm hoping that someone can give me some information as to what might be happening. Here is the situation.


      We are publishing workbooks using TabCmd and then retrieving the workbook information from the database by executing a select against the _workbooks and _views database views. Most of the time this works just fine.


      However, I have started to get error messages that basically say that the workbook was published successfully but could not be found in the database. However, when I go look, by executing the same query manually, I get the correct and expected records returned.


      Clearly the database is eventually consistent. The issue is that the views aren't up to date when the publish operation via TabCmd completes. Does anyone know when I can expect the views to be updated? What is the maximum time that I'll need to wait in order to ensure that I can always retrieve a successfully published workbook? Is there some way to force a dirty read? Is the delay because I'm using the views and not the actual tables?


      Here is the query that gets executed:

      select w.id "workbookId", w.Name "WorkbookName", w.workbook_url, w.created_at "workbookCreatedDate", w.updated_at "workbookUpdatedDate", v.id "viewId", v.title, v.caption, v.Name "viewName", v.view_url, v.created_at "viewCreatedDate" from _workbooks w inner join _views v on w.id = v.workbook_id where w.Name IN ('NameOfTheWorkbook') order by w.id, v.id


      Hoping someone knows something about this,

      Jeremy DeVoss

      Software Engineer