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    Note to "Responders"

    Shawn Wallwork

      Hi Forum Folks. [Lately Jonathan has been using "responders" to describe us folks who answer questions -- works for me.]


      The Note: I just wanted you responders to know that as you page back through the list of questions at some point you're probably going to hit this screen:


      Max Back.png


      (At least you will in Chrome.) Turns out this isn't exactly true; well, there is a work-around, actually two work-arounds:


      1. If you always rt-click links, and then click "open in new tab" you probably won't run into the limit at all.
      2. If you do see the max page warning, click the prior orange page number:


      Last Page.png


      ....and then you'll be able to continue to page forward.


      FYI: the limit usually hits about page 15-18. So when you get close start using the open in new tab, then you should be able to page back to the beginning. (I'll let you know.)


      I hope this will help all us responders to easily go back and pick up the zero reply posts -- I'd hate newcomers to feel they weren't heard or answered because they were new.





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          Toby Erkson

          I remember having this issue once but I'm not seeing it now in IE8.


          As for responding, I've seen questions that have later resurfaced even though they've been marked as Answered but have new questions posted to them.  Skimming for 0 Replies messages would skip these.  When I come I open the forum and skim the Titles with an eye on the Latest Activity.  Once I hit the morning of the previous work day (thus Friday if I check the forum on a Monday) I stop because I know there are going to be no more 'new' postings after that date/time.

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            Shawn Wallwork

            Interesting Toby, that works. Each of us have our different ways of finding questions to answer. Jonathan once mentioned that he looks for questions that have several responses but don't have the green answered mark. That way he's most likely to find the more difficult questions. I'm on the other end, I look for "0" answers because I don't want new posters to think they've been ignored and go away and never come back.



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              Toby Erkson

              That makes sense.  I'm not as experienced with the software like Jonathan nor as caring like you...wait, that came out wrong...