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    Only show grand total in a table?

    Tanya Cashorali

      Hi all,


      I'm ultimately trying to show a custom table calculation in another worksheet, but it's showing up as the wrong # since it loses the context of the 'compute using' portion when referenced outside of the table.


      Here is the calculation:

      (SUM([Opportunity (SFDC)].[Licensing Bookings]) + SUM([Opportunity (SFDC)].[Services Bookings])) / (TOTAL(SUM([Services])) + TOTAL(SUM([Licensing])))


      The calculation works fine within the table, but if I try to drag that measure into another view, the number is not correct.

      As a workaround, I've duplicated the sheet with the table and then removed all other unwanted columns.

      Now I have rows for every month in the time period though and only want to show the grand total. Is this possible?




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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Tanya,


          One option is to set the default table calculation within the calculated field dialog box to get the compute using to stay the same every time it is placed on the view (click on the blue link above the formula box called Default Table Calculation).


          However, to show only the grand total, right click on each of the columns (except the Grand Total column) and select 'Hide.'


          Hope this helps!



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            Jensen Lin

            Is there a way one can use Tracy's solution, but without having to right click and select 'Hide'?  Something a bit more automated?

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              Maureen Reilly

              Hi Jensen,


              I was having the same problem with wanting the solution to be automated so that as my data updated I did not have to keep hiding field names. To solve this, I created a calculation that would assign the same value to every single row of data in my data set, then hid that instead of each individual row. When new data is added, the calculation is applied to the new data and the rows stay hidden.


              I want only the Grand Total value coming up on the worksheet:


              I made a very simple calculation to apply the same value to all of my data:

              (Just type in the number 1)


              I converted the "One (Hide)" calculation to a Dimension

              And added it to my sheet:


              I then hid the "1" and unchecked "Show Header" for all dimensions on my table.


              Then I had the perfect little box that I wanted, and it updated when more data was added to my data source:



              Hope this helps!


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                chandrakanth k

                Hello Maureen,


                This helped me as well. Thank you