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    Only show grand total in a table?

    Tanya Cashorali

      Hi all,


      I'm ultimately trying to show a custom table calculation in another worksheet, but it's showing up as the wrong # since it loses the context of the 'compute using' portion when referenced outside of the table.


      Here is the calculation:

      (SUM([Opportunity (SFDC)].[Licensing Bookings]) + SUM([Opportunity (SFDC)].[Services Bookings])) / (TOTAL(SUM([Services])) + TOTAL(SUM([Licensing])))


      The calculation works fine within the table, but if I try to drag that measure into another view, the number is not correct.

      As a workaround, I've duplicated the sheet with the table and then removed all other unwanted columns.

      Now I have rows for every month in the time period though and only want to show the grand total. Is this possible?