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    Removing Duplicate Records

    Cathal Henry

      I have a problem with my data which I am hoping can be fixed in Tableau as I can't make any changes to the data prior to sucking it into Tableau.


      I am building a summary report to provide details of work completed accross various departments over a 12 month period. Our work management system has multiple workitems for every piece of work completed. I only want to count a piece of work once but to do this I need to exclude the duplicate items.


      The item I want to count is the earliest one created (the others are just associated items) so where multiple items with the same reference number I only want to count the earliest one created.


      The attached spreadsheet should make this a bit clearer.


      if anyone can provide help with this I'd appreciate it.


      I am using version 6.1 but we are due to upgrade soon.