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    Displaying segments without using the level of details field

    Pascal H.

      Hi all,


      I have a list of customers that I want to create segments with, but as my current solution exceeds the limits of the "level of details" field, I'm looking for a workaround.


      The data looks like this:


      ID | date | customername


      The goal is, to have the customers segmented per month. As the data is confidential, I can't share the workbook with you. This is how I solved this for the first time:


      1. Create a calculated field segment:

      if count([customername])<6 then 'A'

      elseif count([customername])>5 and count([customername])<11 then 'B'

      elseif count([customername])>10 and count([customername])<16 then 'C'



      2. Add MONTH(date), AGG(segment) in columns, SUM(Number of Cases) in rows, customer into level of detail.


      This worked quite well, besides the fact that you can't have a chronological (green) MONTH(date) field under the AGG(segment) fields, but now the number of customers exceeds 100k.


      So is there any workaround to create and display segments without using the level of details?