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    Filter value with space - tabcmd


      Hi All,


      Considering the following tabcmd...how do we send email with applying filter for product with space. Here the product name is "ted ber". We also have other products like bcd,get,tab etc...and able to use it. So want to use the filter to filter only those records and send email.Also filter has values with space like "ted ber"


      SET APPDATA=c:\tsi.portal\tmp

      "C:\tsi.portal\tabcmd\extras\Command Line Utility\tabcmd.exe" login -s http://www.abc.com/ -u abc -p abc123

      "C:\tsi.portal\tabcmd\extras\Command Line Utility\tabcmd.exe" get /views/Dashboard/ServicesDashboard.png?product=ted ber?:refresh=yes -f "E:/Dashboard/Snapshot.png" --timeout 600

      "C:\tsi.portal\febooti\febootimail.exe" -SMTP abc.com -PORT 25 -AUTH AUTO -USER reports@abc.com -PASS abc1 -TO "abc@yahoo.com" -FROM "reports@abc.com" -SUBJECT "Dashboard - Test" -HTMLFILE "E:\Dashboard.html"

      "C:\tsi.portal\tabcmd\extras\Command Line Utility\tabcmd.exe" logout



      No solution in this post as well



      The above command does not work for product "teb ber" please help