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    Action to filter parameter

    David Andrade

      I have a dashboard with a pie chart and a bar chart below it. The pie chart has 3 segments and connects to one data source. The bar chart below it connects to a different data source, but accompanies the pie chart by giving a greater level of detail to one of the particular segments. There is no way to blend or join the data due to the large size of the data set and way the tables have been set up. What I'm curious to know is if there is a way to create an action on the dashboard, where I can click a slice of the pie and the parameter will filter accordingly. For example, I click Segment A on the pie chart, the action says to itself, "well, he clicked Segment A so now I need to filter the bar chart's parameter for Segment A" and like magic I have an action filter between two un-join-able data sets based on the options in a parameter I created within Tableau. This might make its way over to the ideas section.

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          Joshua Milligan



          Different visualizations don't have to use the same data source or be joined or blended to be able to have one act as a filter for another on a dashboard.


          From the menu, select "Dashboard" --> "Actions"  Then you will be able to specify the exact field you want to use as the filter from the first data source to a separate field in the second data source.


          I've attached a workbook that demonstrates this.  Hope it helps!





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            David Andrade

            I'm getting an error message at the bottom of the add filter action screen that says "Missing fields on multiple worksheets". Will this prevent my action from working?

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              Joshua Milligan



              What field are you using for the filter?  Whatever field you use must be present on the view that is the source of the action filter.  It doesn't necessary have to be used in a visible way (like a mark type, or label).  It could be simply part of the level of detail.  But Tableau has to be able to know the value of that field for the mark you select in the source in order to pass it along as the filter.


              Do you happen to have a sample packaged workbook you could post so I can see what you are doing?  Definitely use dummy data if there are any sensitivity issues.  But that would greatly help get to the specifics of your issue.




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                Harry Alverson

                Joshua, I have a similar question and hoping you or someone else can help. I have set up a pair of dashboards each displaying similar data but one offers a "city view" an the other offers a "business partner" view (so, within a given city we can see total BP revenues and top partners // or for a given partner, we can see total revenues and their top served cities)


                What I'd like to do is have users be able to click on a partner (or city) in one dashboard and have it take them to a detailed view of that selection in the other dashboard.


                Here's the catch: I am using "single value (dropdown)" parameters as my global filters to change the city or partner on the workbooks linked to each dashboard. There is only one parameter per dashboard, not both. The parameters are set up as a "condition" of the associated dimension (e.g. condition that [BP Name Dimension] = [BP Parameter Dimension])


                In hindsight, the parameter may not have been necessary - I could have just used a quick filter and changed the usage settings (I'm new to Tableau and am learning through experience), but now that my dashboards are built it would be a lot of work to go back and change.


                So my question is: can I make a dashboard filter action (Dashboard -> Action -> Add Action -> Filter) that will change the parameter in my other dashboard (or some alternative mechanism that accomplishes the same thing)? The list of allowable fields within the filter menu appears to be dimensions only...


                Many thanks for any assistance.


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                  Joshua Milligan



                  An action cannot change the value of a parameter, so I think you are correct that the filter is only dimensions.  It might be possible to have the action take you to a dashboard that uses the sheet selector technique described here (http://kb.tableausoftware.com/articles/knowledgebase/creating-sheet-selector-for-dashboard) to show the detail for the selection based on the parameter value currently selected.


                  Hope that helps!




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                    Sugam Khetrapal

                    Hi Joshua,


                    I am trying to implement a scenario in which a user selects a filtered value of region (say north east) and clicks on an image which will take the selected parameters in the URL and produce the filtered results. I have added the region attribute as filter on the dashboard. But when i select action, the message 'Missing fields on sheet 2; region' is displayed. When i add the region attribute to the rows section, the error message is not displayed but i can see images for all values of the attribute region. For e.g. if region has 5 values (NC, NE, S , W, All).


                    Can you please suggest anything?


                    Thank You


                    Sugam Khetrapal

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                      Al McNicoll

                      Joshua, did you have any further contact from David, or get to the bottom of the issue?


                      I have a worksheet with an email address column [ on Rows shelf using ATTR() ] which is sometimes NULL.

                      I wanted to add a send-email action to the tooltip, so I tried to add a URL / Menu action with the URL "<Head of School Email Link>" (which is the name of the field). The screen displays "missing fields on Sheet 1".


                      Is that error indicating that it doesn't like NULL values, or is it saying it can't find the field on the sheet? The latter seems strange, as it's certainly there!

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                        Al McNicoll

                        Answering own Question: It appears that the error disappears when the field is a dimension. If I make it an attribute or apply an aggregate function, the error reappears.

                        New question: I can't have it on there as a dimension, or I end up with duplicate rows involving NULL values - is there any way to add an action that works from an attribute or aggregate?

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                          hadrien dykiel

                          Hi there. I'm experiencing the same issue where I get the error message "missing fields on multiple worksheets". My action is for the field "date" which all my worksheets have so I'm not sure where it's coming from.

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                            Tom W

                            hadrien dykiel wrote:


                            Hi there. I'm experiencing the same issue where I get the error message "missing fields on multiple worksheets". My action is for the field "date" which all my worksheets have so I'm not sure where it's coming from.


                            You'll need to upload a Tableau Packaged Workbook.

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                              Keith Helfrich

                              Hi Al,


                              I'm writing to confirm that I also find the same behavior in my workbook.


                              The "Missing fields on <worksheet>" error occurs when the pill that I want to use in the action is an ATTRIBUTE.  Change that pill on the affected worksheet to a DIMENSION, and the action is OK now.


                              This is kind of frustrating, because (in my case) it requires me to partition up the worksheet with lots of extra dimension pills.  This, in turn, makes the table calculations more complicated.


                              In your case, there are other problems.  But in all cases, I'm certain with enough tinkering it's possible to line everything up correctly.  Never-the-less, it would be a lot easier & I wish Tableau would let us use ATTRIBUTE pills as the hooks for a dashboard action (at least in the source sheet for the action).



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                                Jim Powell

                                I had this issue recently. You have to ensure the data types are the same i.e. on the Data Source be sure the data types are both "Date" or "Date & Time". If you mix them Tableau will throw a missing field error.