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    Can Tableau create a PVM chart?

    Michael Mixon



      I seem to recall seeing an example of a PVM chart (see image below) in Tableau a while back, but all of my searches (both here and on Google) are fruitless.  I know there are other ways to display these variances, but our finance guys really want this layout (since they're used to it), and I was hoping to find some examples of how this can be done in Tableau.  The two things I can't figure out are:


      1. How to set up the variances so that their "zero line" is essentially the top or bottom of the prior bar.
      2. How to set up the chart so that the beginning and ending bars are one set of colors (e.g. the starting bar is blue and the ending bar is either red or green depending on whether it's greater or less than the starting value), and the intervening variance bars are another set of colors (e.g. red/green depending on whether they're positive or negative).


      Any help would be appreciated.

      pvm chart.jpg