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    Mobile Business Intelligence

    Twan Peters

      Hi everyone!


      I’m conducting a mobile business intelligence study, more specifically, I’m researching what the benefits of mobile business intelligence (BI) are, and which factors are important to create those benefits.


      In order to gather the needed data for my research, I’ve developed a mobile BI survey, which is developed with the use of scientific BI literature, mobile BI expert recommendations and recommendations of BI professors.


      I know that most mobile BI users are always busy, but if you have a few minutes, would you mind taking the below survey?


      Survey: https://tilburgss.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_1NU4C6eZmXY6ivr


      This is strictly confidential, no names or client organizations will be used in the results of this study.


      Some incentives for the participants are:

      •          I will donate 1 dollar to the World Wide Fund for Nature for every completed survey;

      •          Participants can win 150 dollar;

      •          And participants can choose if they want to receive the results of this research.


      In addition, this is an independent research, it is not sponsored or influenced by any mobile BI vendors and I’m conducting this research under the supervision of Tilburg University, The Netherlands.


      If you have any questions regarding this research, please feel free to ask them.


      Thank you for your consideration on this.



      Twan Peters

      t.j.a.c.peters@tilburguniversity. edu

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          Twan Peters

          Are there no Tableau users that want to participate in my research?

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            Twan Peters

            A little kick

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              Toby Erkson

              I've worked for a number of companies, mostly large but a few small ones, too.  Though they like the idea of mobile* BI, putting the money there to make it reality is another matter.  Some software BI companies require a separate product (more money).  Then people think "what reports should be mobile?" and they want to make new ones instead of just using what's already available or make what's available more simple.  A Blackberry screen is too small.  My htc 4G has a beautiful screen but I think it's too small as well.  So in come the iPads and larger tablets with useable real-estate but I haven't met a lot of C-level and V-level execs clammoring for the latest tablet as they like the easy portability of a mobile phone (a phone will fit in a pocket, a tablet won't).


              Dashboards are the only sensible thing I see that's good for mobile BI now.  I think it will still be a few years before mobile BI becomes more common; right now those that use it are more the exception than the standard (in my opinion based on my observations).



              *Hand-helds, not laptops.


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              If there are those out there developing mobile BI reports I would like to know what are the target devices, the target audience, and what the reports are.

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                Allan Walker

                I agree with a lot of what Toby has said.  MBI makes sense for the C-Suite, but beyond that? 

                There is a Tableau app for Server though, and with version 8, in browser authoring might just be the killer functionality for this. 


                For me, the issues are real estate, UX, and UI. I totally concur with Toby on this one.  You might be able to fit 4(?) KPI top-level metrics on a dashboard on a smart phone screen (let's say an iPhone), 8 on a tablet (iPad). 


                But, there's a thought - what about letting users "swipe through/pinch to zoom in and out of" layered dashboards.  I guess a simple % figure with an up/down arrow at level one, maybe some sparklines at level 2, then detailed charts for level 3.  Tricky to get the URL actions right, but I'm sure it would be possible.

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                  Twan Peters

                  Unfortunately I have experienced that indeed not many organizations have deployed a mobile BI solution. And the organizations that are using mobile BI, are mostly in a kind of pilot phase. Only the senior management board and a couple mid-level managers are using mobile BI.


                  Most respondents of my survey are tablet users. However, that doesn't mean that your phone isn't a good device for BI, organizations and users just have to think differently about what they want to display.

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                    Twan Peters

                    I'm still searching for more mobile BI users that want to participate in my research. Please feel free to open my survey, and if you like the questions, it would be helpfull if you could answer them .

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                      Twan Peters

                      I've almost 200 responses on this mobile BI survey, if you are a mobile BI user, feel free to fill it out! :-)