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    Can we create table chart in tool tip ?


      can we make tool tip to display like table chart ? as of now tableau shows the data in tool tip only for that particular cell.


      example:If we are showing 4 quarters data in a trend line when we move mouse pointer over trendline ,we can view the data only for one quarter.

      my question is there any possibility to show all 4 quarters data in tool tip in a tabular format


      can any one help on this ?

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          Richard Leeke

          You can achieve something like this after a fashion - though it's a bit hard to format it nicely. Here's what I managed to do with the coffee sales data:


          Tabular tooltip.PNG


          Have a look at the calculated fields in the workbook. The secret is in the use of the PREVIOUS_VALUE() function, which let's you build up a field by appending to the value of the field in the previous row. I then use WINDOW_MAX() to select the highest value of that field (ie the value on the last row - by which time all the values will have been appended together).


          If you want the numbers formatted properly you'll have to do that with further messy calculations. There are examples of how to do that elsewhere on the forum.

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            thanks  richard ,i will try your solution.

            do you have any other sample workbook with tabular tool tip ?