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    Question about data connections

    nicholas vielbig

      When  you have the three options of connecting to data, and you choose the Live Data Connect, or whatever it actually says, will the data persist even if the excel table it is referencing is not on the machine you are trying to open the Tableau Workbook that references it?


      Sorry for wording the question like a 3 year old, but yeah.

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          Robert Morton

          Hi Nicholas,


          If you choose the first open, you are requesting that Tableau connect directly to that file. The other two options allow you to connect to only a sample of the file, or to connect to an extracted and optimized representation of the data in that file.


          When you save your workbook as a packaged workbook (.twbx) Tableau will include the original data file, or alternatively the data extract file if you are not directly connected. If you share the .twbx file or publish the workbook to Tableau Server, the Excel file you are connected to will be carried along with the workbook.


          Does this help?


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            nicholas vielbig

            Hi Robert, thanks for your time,


            It does help me, just what I was hoping. I would have been very surprised if the data connection did not persist, but double checking is always a good idea.


            Thanks Robert!