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    Salesforce Character Limit?

    John Mogielnicki


      I'm wondering if there is going to be a character limit when connecting directly to salesforce.  When connecting to Access or Excel, strings are limited to 255 characters in Tableau, which has caused us problems in the past.  I'm hoping this is not going to be the case when connecting to Salesforce directly.


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          Alan Asher

          Here is what I've found:


          Any salesforce field with Data Type greater than "Long Text Area(4096)' will not show in Tableau.  Example: Account Description field will not show up in Tableau because that field in Salesforce has a Data Type of Long Text Area(32000).


          I don't know if this is a limitation of Tableau or if this is a limiation of Salesforce API.


          The workaround: if you need Account Description field, what has worked is create a custom field Long Text Area(4096) which does a look-up of the Account Description field.