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    Preventing Drill down

    Narayanan VS

      Is there any way to prevent drill down to a point beyond which the chart will become ugly?


      I've some data for every hour for last 2 years. I'm plotting a bar chart against the interval (in X axis) Vs the data (in Y axis). I'm using a filter to select the Interval of my choice. If I'm viewing the bar chart for 4 weeks, the view is nice for Day level details. If I Drill down to hour level, the chart is messing up. So I want to prevent the drill down option based on the range of interval being selected. Is this possible?

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Hi, you could probably do this by setting up your own custom date hierarchy, instead of using the built-in date hierarchy. Then you could use some sort of calculated field to determine what's available in the hierarchy depending on certain conditions. I've never done this, I'm just throwing out an idea.



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            Joshua Milligan



            I think Shawn's approach will work great!  One thing that might help this approach is Tableau's ability to create custom dates from an existing date field.  You can create the various parts and arrange them in your own hierarchy.


            Simply right click the date field, select "Create Custom Date", then tell it to use the date part you want.  Repeat for each level of your custom hierarchy and then build the hierarchy.  If you need custom logic it may get slightly more complex.



            Custom Date.png

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              Narayanan VS


              Your idea worked out for me very well. Initially I was not successful. Then I realized that I got to do little more customization like converting the interval field from Continuous to Discrete to suit my need. Thanks for your great suggestion.

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                Narayanan VS


                While Shawn gave me the idea, you gave me the procedure. Without your screenshot and clear description, I could have not done this. Many thanks for your support.