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    actions mutipule URLs

    Guy Bloch

      Hello - I am new to Tableau - wonder if someone can help


      I have created a Heat Map  using a Tableau graph on a Dashboard – see attached item


      What I would like to do is click on  Security / CTO Row E  for example (Blue arrow / Security Column)  and jump to a page/dashboard that would narrow down to Security / E detail data or choose another  item from Training - Row F and jump to a Training Page/Dashboard.  I MUST have a separate Page/Dashboard for each one of the column headers  Security, Training , Review.


      Normally I would do this with a Action  using the URL option.  But that option only allows for a Single specific URL.  I cannot find anything that would allow me to control to which URL it would go based on the Click/column location .


      Any ideas would be appreciated.


      Thanks guys.