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    line chart with multiple values

    Elizabeth Coleman


      Is it possible to create a line chart that have multiple Measure values?  For instance I want to create a chart with a dual axis; one of the axis represent revenue forecasted and revenue order moved out of planned month and the second axis represent count of orders forecasted and count of orders moved out of planned month.  I also would like to show the % of order movement that was forecasted.  

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          As far as I know, you can have a dual axis graph with measure values on one side and a single measure on the other. I don't think it is possible to have multiple measures on both sides.

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            Joshua Milligan

            Well, you can duplicate Measure Values as the value for both axes of the dual axis chart, but it would be the same Measure Values list and you could not have a separate list of measures for each axis.  But that probably won't help in most cases.




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              Jonathan Drummey

              In your description, you're talking about wanting 3 different scales - revenue, count, and % - in the same chart. From a design standpoint, that can make for a chart that is hard to read because the viewer will have to regularly refer to the scale and legend to know what the line is for. For this reason, if I'm having to combine scales I'll typically use lines and bars, and if I'm looking for a third scale I'll do that via annotations or labels.


              In Tableau, you can use Measure Names/Measure Values for one axis (with one scale), and then either a single measure or a measure broken up by a discrete value on the Color Shelf on a dual axis (with another scale). So that can get you lots of lines at once without having to do anything special in Tableau.


              If you really want a third scale, then you're going to have to normalize results for two scales and use those normalized values to draw the 2nd and 3rd scales. Then you could have extra worksheets on a dashboard that are set up to show just the scales to give the user perspective.


              All of the above can be done inside Tableau. Beyond that (for example if each line for each scale is its own measure), you're going to need to do some reshaping of your data. I worked out the complexities of this for bars and lines in http://drawingwithnumbers.artisart.org/bars-and-lines/, most of that is true for lines & lines.



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                Elizabeth Coleman

                Thanks for your answer. I was only looking to have two axis with multiple revenue measures using one axis and two measures using the second axis.  I didn't think it was possible but thought I would ask just in case. 

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                  Al DeLosSantos

                  Thanks for this discussion everyone, and for your informative reply Jonathan.  Great link to the bars-and-lines flowchart, though I did not find Worksheet 9 on your site, which might have been helpful to what Elizabeth and I are trying to accomplish.  This would be a nice Tableau feature to add, since I have a similar need to Elizabeth's that requires viewing multiple measures with values of very different scale.  Being able to use a dual axis with two different groups of measures (meaning the two groups of measures each have values with similar scale) assigned to each axis would be helpful.


                  FYI, my work-around is to create two charts one with each scale-related group of measures and then to compare each group against a key measure of interest on the dual axis.



                  Al D.