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    How to add a large number of users to a group?

    Benjamin Torgesen

      I have searched the forums and not found anything related to this question.  I'm the architect/system admin for our Tableau server.  We have about 30 different groups/sites.  We are using a self-service BI model for Tableau, so I'm pushing off as much responsibility onto the content admins as possible.


      When a content admin adds a bunch of users (say 200) to their site using the "Import from CSV" option, is there a way to automatically add those users to a specific group?  The current process for content admin is to import the users with the CSV file and then find/select each user (200+) in the list of users and add them to the group using Group+. I know that there is a "tabcmd addusers" option which will assign the new users to a group as they are added.  This option requires me (as the system admin) to run the command for each site as needed.


      Any thoughts on a work around that content admins can perform?