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    Default dashboard to auto-pause refresh


      Is there anyway to default a Dashboard or workbook tab to pause automatic updates? 


      Most of my users want to flip about 5-6 quick filters first but always have to remember to first click the pause button and then unpause.

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          Russell Christopher

          Hey Joseph -


          Currently no. However, Tableau Server 8 contains a JavaScript API which allows you to toggle "auto-update" on and off. While this still wouldn't be a "perfect" solution, you could:


          • Nest the visualization/dashboard in a web page
          • In the web page, write a few lines of code that automatically turns auto-update off when the dashboard finishes rendering.


          Or, go "quick and dirty" and add a big orange label to the dashboard that  says "Don't forget to turn off auto-update!"


          Seriously, they'll figure it out after having to wait a few times

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            Geoffrey Cleaves

            I accomplish something similar, although not exactly what you want. I have a "Report state" parameter set to "Paused" which I include in a filter so that the underlying query loads no data. The dashboard/worksheet opens immediately. The user changes all the filters/parameter and then sets the "Report state" parameter to "Active." By setting the parameter to Active, the query returns data.


            select * from table where 'Active'=<Parameter.Report state>