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    Is it possible to use Tabcmd to export a full workbook as PDF with a URL?

    Masson Liang

      Hi all,


      I've been trying to export a full workbook (with 4 tabs) from a URL from Tabcmd.


      I used the tabcmd get function and was able to produce a PDF for a single view, but I am not able to do the same to produce a PDF for the whole workbook.


      I also tried the tabcmd export function with --fullpdf, without much luck.


      My commands are as follows:


      tabcmd export -t [SiteID] "[TargetURL]" --fullpdf -f "[LocalReportPath]"


      I keep receiving this error: *** 404 "Not Found"




      I've been referencing the examples shown here,



      Under the export section,



      tabcmd export "Q1Sales/Sales_Report" --fullpdf

      tabcmd export -t Sales "Sales/Sales_Analysis" --fullpdf --pagesize tabloid -f "C:\Tableau_Workbooks\Weekly-Reports"