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    How can I export geographic data?

    Ira Skop

      I'm looking at a map and I got to the Special Values window, and selected Edit Locations. This brings up a Geographic Roles windows where I can choose a country and map my city values to the list of valid cities for the country. Other than doing this one-by-one on a manual basis, is there a way that I can just export all the available cities in Tableau for my country? That way I can do the mapping up front in a table and bring the data in pre-mapped.


      In the image attached, you see the Unrecognized value - behind which is a list of perfectly valid cities for my country (I'm not showing that list in the attached but it is there). That's the list I want to export.


      Specifically, what I'm trying to do is use a data source with the names of Israeli cities listed in Hebrew, and map them to their tableau-recognized English equivalent so that the geographic roles will work.


      Any ideas?


      geocoding sample.JPG

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          You can easily export your list of cities in Hebrew by just building a view with such list and exporting it as a cross-tab into Excel, etc. and then providing English name for each city, but then you'll have to add the English names column to you original data. Is that something you can do with your data source? Easy in Excel, not so in Oracle and the like.


          You can try using data blending were you use the original source as is, and have your mapping table in Excel, "blended" together in the same Tableau workbook, but that could be tricky (depending on how complex your view and calculations need to be).

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            Ira Skop

            Thanks, but I don't think this answers the question.


            I'm trying to extract data internal to Tableau - the list of city names associated with a particular Country in the geo-coding feature. This list is not in one of the tables over which I have control. But if I can extract Tableau's list, I can then create a table and use it.

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              Richard Leeke

              If you go to the installation directory for Tableau and find the Local\Data directory under there (in my case this is C:\Program Files (x86)\Tableau\Tableau 7.0\Local\data) you will see a set of Tableau data source definition files *.tds). These define the datasources used by the Custom Geocoding feature.


              Simply double-click City.tds, define filters on Country Synonyms.Country (Name) and City Synonyms.Locale as shown in the screen shot below and then add City Synonyms.Locale and City Synonyms.City to the view. That should give you the list you are after which you can of course export.


              I'm not sure why Jerusalem is locale "en_US" whilst all the others are NULL, but I think that's probably the full list that you want.


              Let me know if you get stuck.


              Israeli Cities.PNG

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                Ira Skop

                Thanks, Richard. I also submitted this to customer support and was pointed in this direction as well.


                As to the Locale issue, as I've learned living here, it wouldn't be Jerusalem if it didn't involve some controversy.

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                  Lee Feinberg

                  Hi Richard, it seems that in Tableau 8.0 the city.tds has less information.  Are you seeing the same?


                  Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 8.53.01 AM.png

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                    Peter Maclaurin

                    Hi Richard,


                    As Lee pointed out in 2013, this information is out of date. I'm trying to export Tableau's cities for Australia so I can clean our data to match but find that Tableau now has separate files for Cities, Countries etc.


                    How can I export all Queensland, Australia cities?