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    Using Parameter as a Filter




      I work for a Mortgage Loan Company and I'm trying to build a report of "Active" loans that also has the capability of setting a filter to show all loans (including loans that are closed, or otherwise ended). This report will show loans that are currently active and allow a manager to monitor the loan through each of the 4 stages of the loan-life cycle. I would like for the manager to also be able to toggle on a filter that shows even loans that have closed. I have a slider filter added currently that toggles between a "1" (signifying Active Loans only) and a "0" signifying all loans. It is working as intended, but I cannot change it to a radio button filter or pull-down nor can I change the aliases. I've done it is by writing an IF THEN statement based on whether a date has been populated for the "closed" date field.


      I've also created a parameter based on this pill and it LOOKS the way I want it to look, including having the correct aliases. HOWEVER it does not function at all and I cannot understand why. My elementary knowledge of parameters is hindering the process greatly. :-)


      Any help would be appreciated. The tab is called "Tableau Help" and should be the default tab upon opening.




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          Jim Wahl

          Hi John,


          I not using Tableau v8 so I can't verify this with your workbook, but I suspect that Tableau is treating your calculated 1/0 field as a continuous measure and therefore defaults to a range slider for the filter. If you move this field from the measures to the dimension area, it will be discrete and result in check box or radio quick filter (with or without the "all" option).


          You could also change the 1/0 to strings "Active" and "All". ...



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            Thanks for the assistance Jim. That got me pointed in the right direction and I was able to get it exactly as I wanted it!