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    Create custom data layer within mapping function

    Carolyn Thain

      Is there a way to create my own data layer within the mapping options? I have my own data that I want to be able to show in the background of a map at the zip code or county level, similar to how population is shown as a data layer. It looks like this has been asked before but I have not seen a definitive answer on how to do this, so maybe it's not possible or extremely complicated. Thanks!

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          I don't think it is possible for Tableau users to create map data layers themselves, but http://urbanmapping.com can probably help. Their technology is behind Tableau's maps, and they offer custom data layer services for Tableau users.

          As far as I know, you'll have to submit your data to them, tell them what you need and they will create and give you a file that can be loaded into Tableau which will give you custom data layers.

          You can talk to Jake Baillie or Ian White from Urban Mapping to find out more details.

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            Jake Baillie

            Hi Carolyn,


            Dimitri is 100% correct (thank you!). If your data is stored in our platform, we can serve it to you in Tableau. The ability to host custom data layers (amongst many other things!) is part of an enhanced mapping offering that Tableau users can take advantage of.


            There's a lot more details at hackyourmap.com about this and other functionality; there you can register for a demo TMS file and explore some sample custom data layers to get an idea of how we can customize the map card.