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    How do I display all of the stacked items on a map for a single location in my data?

    Chad Bouchard

      Some of the organization locations in my data are country-only, some are state- or city-only. How do I ensure all of the items are displayed, no matter how granular the address, and how do I make sure pins with multiples will display all of the items for that location?


      1. I can choose Country as my geographic locator for all of the organizations named in my data (all of the organizations have a known country) OR State (only US and Canada include a State field in the address) OR City. How do I make sure all addresses are displayed?


      2. Some locations contain multiple entries. Currently, only one of the items for a given location is displayed, and the others are inaccessible. For example, there may be a dozen organizations in India, but for all of those items only the country is known. Even at the most granular level (currently City), there will be several organizations stacked in, say, Boston. Acceptable display options would be: a fan or pinwheel from stacked locations that shows all of the pins originating from a single address (Country, State or City), a pin that displays the number of addresses stacked on that location, a drop-down menu displaying all items stacked at a single address, or a static display of all of the card information for each stacked location on a click or rollover.