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    Custom Banding

    Koushik Mandala

      Hi All,

      I am unable to find a solution to band rows in a report based on a certain criteria.


      Ex: I have a report with City, Sales and Inventory. I need to band the rows with a color where sales is 50% of Inventory.


      Any help would me much appreciated.




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          Toby Erkson

          Without a sample workbook from you I guessed and used the stock one that comes with Tableau.  Is this something you're looking for or do you want

          1.  The whole row colored (I don't know how to do that)?  Or

          2.  All the rows grouped together where Sales is 50% of Inventory?


          And what is "...sales is 50% of Inventory"?  That is too vague.  Is it number of items sold vs. items in inventory OR profit from sales vs. value of inventory or ???

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            Koushik Mandala

            Hi Toby,

            Thank you for your responce

                 For 1: I am trying to color the whole row

                 For 2: No, They are not grouped.Below is the example


            Below is the layout of the report

            City     Sales      Inventory

            X          $10          $20

            y          $20          $100

            Z          $5            $50

            A          $50          $100


            I need to color the entire rows X and A as sales is 50% Inventory. Want to know whether it is possible?




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              Joshua Milligan



              See if the attached workbook is what you are looking for.  I'm happy to answer any questions you might have.