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    Question: Line Chart without Date Field


      I am new to Tableau and am trying to create a line chart with two axes (volume and cost). From what I can tell, I need to have a date field in order to create a line char (both continuous and discrete). Can anyone help me solve this issue?


      Many thanks

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          Joshua Milligan



          You can have a line chart with two axes based on continuous measures.  In many cases, a line chart for this kind of data won't be very meaningful and could probably be better visualized as something like a scatter plot.  What would the line represent in your data?  That is, what is it connecting?


          So you can get a line chart by creating your axes, switching mark type to line, and then adding one or more dimensions to the level of detail (or path, or color, or any shelf in the Marks card - though the results will differ).


          Feel free to post a packaged workbook if you'd like more specific help with your data.  (If data is sensitive, please remove or rename sensitive values at the source).







          (This line is not meaningful.  What real connection or movement is there between different Product Sub-Categories?)

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            Joshua Milligan

            Here is the same data as a scatter plot.  In this case, the visualization is more meaningful and helpful.



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              Thanks, Joshua.


              To give a bit more detail: what I'm actually trying to do is create a line chart that plots volume by product line on the Y axis and cost by product line on the X axis. I would sort the product lines from low to high based on cost (there should be a correlation so it theoretically should create a nice curve without too many peaks and valleys). I actually want to create two lines on the same chart-- one for 2010 and one for 2012. I'm trying to show that one curve is steeper than the other.


              So basically, I have been able to create a table that lays out the coordinates for each product line that I want to plot (cost,volume). I'm stumbling on how to turn this table into a line chart. Does that make sense?


              I'd upload data, but it's sensitive and would take quite a while to cleanse.


              Thanks for your help!