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    Valentine's Day TDT Rendition

    Tracy Rodgers

      Hi All,


      After our last TDT with Joe Mako and domain padding, our brain's are still wrapping our minds around the all the knowledge he shared with us! This week will be less about learning and more about sharing. Come to TDT this week to show off neat workbooks you've seen or created with a special emphasis on making it a "pretty" viz, whether that means using custom shapes, color palettes or background images or something else worth sharing. Dustin Smith and I will be sharing some of ours with you and hope you come and do the same!


      Here is the registration page for this week's TDT: http://www.tableausoftware.com/learn/usergroups/TDT-Feb14-13


      See you on Thursday at 11:00 AM Pacific time!