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    Need help with a calculation

    Chaya Gordon Burstyn

      I am trying to create a calcualtion that shows me revenue by a single product category.


      I created one calcualtion that is:


      IF [CUSR_5]="Greens" Then [Revenue] END


      Which is a valid calcuation and when I put it into my table the correct data shows up.


      I then created the same calcuation for a second product category:


      IF [CUSR_5]="Winter Accents" Then [Revenue] END


      Which also says is a valid calcuation, but when I put this one into my table I get no data.  I doucle checked and the "Winter Accents" is spelled exactly is it should be--any ideas what could be causing this to happen?  Why I can get the data with one but not the other?


      It actually works for all the different product categories I do it for except this "Winter Accents" one and I can't figure out why.