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    Dynamic Polygon Mapping Project

    Noel Avison

      Hey guys,


      I wanted to share with you all what I was working on. I have made a model that shows storage containers within a facility. The green color represents how full a particular storage unit is, while the red color represents how full it is of the particular selection that you make. So with this viz, you can at a glance see inventory levels on many different things. Also, the viz is set to update the sized of the red and green shapes based on the data. So if tomorrow the data said every unit was full, every storage unit would be completely green. I only shared a small portion of the project, I have incorporated many more buildings and storage units into this model, however I only wanted to show a small part because some of the data is sensitive.


      So what do you guys think?





      (You can click on the picture to make it interactive)



      Here is an example of what the full dashboard might look like

      Dashboard SS.png

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Noel, I think it's very cool actually. I remember discussing this a while back. So you ended up going with drawing custom polygons? That's a lot of polygons, how'd you set it all up? Brute force? And how are you doing the updates?



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            Noel Avison

            Well I had the Computer Aided Design file that has the layout of the plant, so i know where to storage units are supposed to fit. So All I really did to draw the polygons find the edges of each polygon "Island" and then divide by the number of total polygons so break it up into the amount of units I needed. Getting all the polygons on that map was not really the hard part. The hardest part was getting the size of the shapes to adjust based on certain factors such as how full the units are, as well as what parameter I have selected. Also the shapes needed to adjust size differently based on their location and orientation in the buildings. Some need to grow left to right, some right to left, others need to grow upward, etc.


            So they way I pulled it off is that first I manipulated the data to feed it into my model a certain way. For instance if a storage location is half full, for "%full" for that particular unit would return a value of ".5". Then using calculated fields made it so that based on the "%full" value, some of the coordinates that make up the polygon would adjust, so if the full polygon is 10 units high in total, the green polygon would only be 5 units high representing that it was half full. Also I did a similar thing for the red polygons, but with specific categories of inventory instead of total fill.


            One thing to note is that red polygon that changes based on the selection of the parameter selector is the same polygon. It changes its size based on what parameter is selected. If you remember when you responded to one of my post a while back I had about 5 for 6 polygons that were stacked on top of each other, but now I only have 3, and one of them changes shape by changing the selection.


            The coolest part of this in my opinion is that whenever the data changes, the red and green shapes adjust by themselves based on changes in the "%full" and other multiplier categories (Like M1/PP, FG, etc.).


            I'm not sure if this explanation made much sense, its hard to explain some of this stuff without including formulas, if you want me to go into more detail on certain parts of it let me know I would be happy to explain

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              Noel Avison

              Oh, and about the updates... Right now the model is pulling data from a table in a database. When the data from there changes and I refresh my model, the green and red shapes all change based on the updated info. Right now the model is being fed from Microsoft Access. When I first designed it I was working off an excel workbook that had a table pulled from a database that updates when you refresh the data. So at this point all I have to do is refresh the Access model, refresh the Tableau model, then republish.

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                Allan Walker

                This is a very cool project! +1 following

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                  Drew LaMonte

                  Thanks for sharing this Noel. We're in need of examples like this and greatly appreciate you sharing what you've created. I know someone that is trying to do something very similar, except their shares are not perfect squares (likely will require more time getting x,y coordinates).

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                    Noel Avison

                    I also did another GIS project. I mapped all the silos at 4 different plants and added data for fumigation dates. It is a useful tool for scheduling fumigation and keeping track of inventory. The circles change size based on fullness too.


                    How many polygons is that person trying to create? If you need any help or tips on making polygons let me know, I have spend a decent amount of time messing around with them and I would be happy to help.

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                      Shawn Wallwork

                      Drew, didn't you use to be my rep (or something)? Glad you're back on the forums.



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                        Ian White

                        Hi Noel


                        I'm curious to know if you have done any testing to see how polygon size (MB) or complexity (number of vertices) impacts ingestion to Tableau via modifying the custom geocoding database.

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                          Drew LaMonte

                          Yes I did! Nice to see you're still around too!

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                            Ian White

                            Hi Drew


                            Do share! Would love to see the results of any tests you've performed


                            We are most definitely still around. Have a look at our enhanced mapping capabilities in Tableau.

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                              Emily Mueller

                              Noel, I am starting a project very similar to this and I would love to visit with you about how you accomplished this.  Do you have an email address or someway I can contact you with a few questions?

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                                Noel Avison

                                Yes, email me at navison86@gmail.com. I would love to help you out.