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    Moving Heatmaps

    Jesse LaBoda

      I may be asking too much of Tableau however I need to ask!


      I want to take a map and show the growth of sales by state over a period of time. Basically I thinking that someone could press "play" and the shapes on the map would grow as the period in time get's later.

      Any ideas? Is this too much for Tableau?

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          Alex Kerin

          You may be able to use the page shelf for this - it helps create animations

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            Joshua Milligan



            What Alex said.  Definitely read up and play around with the page shelf.  You can tell really great stories with your data using that!


            I've attached an example of a line & bar chart.  Watching the animation is a slightly different flavor of story than seeing the whole thing at once.



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              Jesse LaBoda

              That was super simple! Thanks everyone!


              Now next question. I have my image (not a map) on my dashboard, but I want to have different containers on the dashboard that relate to specific areas of the picture. That part is easy but ensuring the images remains visable once the containers are placed is being a challenge. Any ideas?


              Also once I figure that out I want to put a moving scale that shows what hour of the day the information in the dashboard refers to. Any ideas?