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    Error while trying to load after data source moved

    Neil Berkowitz

      A month or so ago I published a workbook that used an extract from an Access 2007 data source. The workbook functioned as designed for a couple of weeks--until I had to move the data source. After that, the scheduled updates continued to succeed but the workbook itself fails to open or download.  

      • Tableau Data Engine Error: 4: Invalid Command: database: Path does not exist. Unable to connect to the server "". Check that the server is running and that you have access privileges to the requested database.
      • Errors occurred while trying to load the workbook "/views/jNMB". The load was not able to complete successfully.

      I can strip everything but one viz out of the workbook and republish and still have the same problem. When I look at the data source properties in the file I published from it shows the correct path. When I look at the connection attributes on the server the database name shows the old path--and it shows it as a mapped path. Yet before I moved the data source the published dash was fine.


      So created a new connection to replace the old one and then republished. The republication and the data refresh were successful, as always while trying to resolve this. This time the database name attribute on the server is correct and and in UNC format. But the attempt to open the workbook fails, generating the same message.


      I'm hoping this is either something very basic that I'm overlooking or something known and easily resovlable.Any thoughts?


      Neil Berkowitz

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          It is just a hunch, but I suspect Tableau Server cached something and refuses to get up-to-date, showing the old erroneous view.

          The easiest way to check is to reboot Tableau Server machine, or even restarting the server app via its monitor utility or tabcmd may do the trick. If that is not desirable, then try re-publishing this workbook with different name in a different project, etc. to trick Tableau into not using cache. If that works - reboot is needed.