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    Display Top N Customers Grouped by Trasaction Type

    Corey Meier

      I would like to use a parameter that would display only the the top N customers that both purchased and returned items on a per monthly basis.


      Attached is a packaged workbook that shows a dashboard with two views to illustrate my need. 

      • The top view is based on total number of transactions per customer that had either a purchase or return within the defined month.
      • The bottom view is trying to accomplish the same but am using the color to distinguish the transaction type (purchase and return)


      My goal of this request is to only display the top N customers based on the total counts (shown in top view) but still show the breakdown of purchase and return (shown in the bottom view).


      As you can see from this example, the bottom view shows the top N customers...but will also include customers that only had a returns....


      Any suggestion in accomplishing this?


      Thanks for your help!

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          Joe Mako

          Sounds like what you want to do is filter to the Top N prior to adding the Transaction Type detail.


          If so, then consider the attached, where the following was performed:

          - removed your table calc filter (table calc filters happen late, and you want an early filter)

          - placed customer on the filter shelf, and on the Top tab, configured to use the parameter

          - made the Month filter a context, so it happens prior to the Top N filter

          - made both global filters (not necessary, but saved a few clicks)

          - changed the parameter to a type in with All instead of List, so it works with the top filter dialog


          If you are wondering why the table calc filter did not work, it is because your data sparse (not all potential dimension combinations exist in the data), and there is no simple way to turn on Data Densification for a stacked bar chart. If you need the late filtering from a table calc, then there are other others, but they are more involved, and if needed, please let me know know and I can detail that route as well.

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            Corey Meier



            Thanks for your reply.  I have tried your solution within my current initiative where I have several months of data.  The expected behavior is not working...Question:  My understanding of using the TOP Filter functionality will determine the TOP N across the entire data set and not just what you have filtered...is that correct?


            I believe that is what I am seeing.



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              Joe Mako

              You can set other other filters to happen prior to the Top N filter by making them Context filters. Notice in the packaged workbook, the filter on Month is a Context filter.


              There may be other factors at play not covered in your comment, if you are getting unexpected results, please post an example workbook that represents your situation, and detail the results that you expect.