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    Working with multiple highlight actions

    Kazimierz Kapusniak

      Hi there,


      I have a dashboard with two different actions to highlight.


      What I have is a map, with lots of marks on. The first highlight (let's call it highlight1) is on selection, which when you click on a category in the legend, highlights all of the marks of that colour on the map. The second highlight (highlight2) is on hover, which when you are over a mark will highlight that specific mark and nothing else.


      What users are finding is that when they select a category (which activates highlight1), go to hover over one of the marks (which activates highlight2) and then move away from the mark it clears both (removing highlight1 and highlight2).


      I'm assuming highlight2 clears highlight1 when it activates, but I'm wondering if there is a way you can make Tableau remember that you had a specific category highlighted before the hover? So highlight1 is always active until you clear it with a click, and highlight2 doesn't change that state?