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    Error 4 Mismatched row counts after incremental refresh of Extract

    Louis Choquel

      I have this issue on only one of my connexions to my MySQL database.

      Actually this conexion uses a Table with a Left Join on itself.


      Here is the pattern in ore details:




      1. Live connection to our MySQL database, and creation of a data connection:

                Left outer join between a field of a table (id of a user's friend) and a different field of the same table (id of the user himself).

                → OK, the connection is created, and displayed data is correct.


      1. Launch of a data extraction with “All rows” setting.

                → OK, the extract is created in the expected folder, and displayed data is still correct.


      1. Launch of an incremental refresh of the extract based on a timestamp field.

                → not OK, this time an Error 4: Scan::Next: Mismatched row counts is displayed:


      1. When clicking on “OK” button, then:














                “Locate the extract” leads to the same error: “Extract not found”.

      Clicking on “Cancel” button closes the error windows, the data connection is still working and above all the extract is updated with the latest data. So clearly the Error detected above is not justified.

      But after saving the workbook, closing it and re-opening it leads to the same “Extract not found” error sop the workbook becomes unusable.


      Does anyone experience the same issue, or have a fix?


      I believe there's a  "false positive" bug here, and it's become a big problem for us as we have to Refresh entire extract because of the failure of Incremental extraction.

      If you're a Tableau developer, please contact me: I can send you logs and ata.


      Thanks for you help,