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    Pb with continuous line graph




      I tried to make a line graph with datas over the years from 1970 t'ill today.

      I have datas for former German Democratic Republic GDR t'ill 1989 and none after because of the reunificatin of Germany.

      Same for Federal Republic of Germany FRG. Then I have datas for Germany from 1991.

      I can't understand why it displays straight lines for the years where the countries don't exist.

      I have no datas at all in 1999 that's why I have a gap for this year (except countries which disapeared some years).

      For the example of GDR, I have no datas in my sheet for years after 1989 but I still have a straight line after 1989 with the value of the first data in 1970. Same for USR, FRG, and some others.

      Thanks for help.