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    Drill-down within categories in charts


      Hello, is it possible to drill-down when double-clicking in categories within charts (eg: bar chart?). 

      We know that the drill option is available in tables.  But, unfortunately, once you make a graph you cannot really drill-down within a category.  For example, we have tons on the y-axis, the years on the x-axis and regions as categories (which is a hierarchy).  We would like to be able to double-click within Asia region, and would like that tableau would automatically drill-down on that region and display the sub-regions as categories of the chosen region.

      Also, we know that it is possible to achieve a similar outcome by using parameters, filters and multiple sheets (we have tried them all), but that is way too many steps and not really user-friendly.   Is there any other user-friendly way to do this?  Thank you.