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    Percentage values getting added wrongly

    bharat sagi



      I have a table that have  five columns as numbers and two columns as Percentage.

      When i add Grand Total for Columns the Percentage Columns are getting summed up wrongly.


      Attached the Screen shot of the table. ( file name Percentage)

      In this table first six colums are from the Data source query directly.

      Last two Columns are Calcuations as below

      Non Producing (%) -  Non Producing / Total Dealers

      Not enrolled (%) -  Not enrolled / Total Dealers.


      For the Grand Total for the Columns Non Producing (%) and Not enrolled (%) the percentage is getting summed up.


      Instead i need as below


      Not enrolled (%) - 117/824

      Not enrolled (%) - 677/824.


      Your help will be greatly appreciated.