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    Hierarchy and percentages

    Mark Vande Kamp

      I'm dealing with survey data that were collected over a year-long span. Let's say I'm looking at a survey response for [Trip Type] (Business/Leisure/Other) and I want to be able to see the percent of all respondents in each trip type. Then I want to drill down see the percent of respondents in each trip type during Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4.


      If I make a hierarchy with [Trip Type] and [Quarter] then I can't figure out how to display the within-quarter percentages. It shows the within-trip type percentages.


      If I switch the hierarchy to [Quarter] over [Trip Type] then the within-quarter percentages are correct at the drill down, but my top level is wrong because it displays quarterly total response percentages (no [Trip Type] breakdown).


      I messed around with setting a parameter to control the level of aggregation, but the percentages are still a problem.


      Am I missing something?