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    Ratings shape palette

    Karpura Suryadevara



      I am using the ratings shape palette. How do I allow the data to drive which rating shape to appear ? (instead of selecting it manually).




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          Jim Wahl

          Maybe there's an easier way (it'd be nice if you could assign the palette and shape by name), but here is how I've done it by creating a calculated field that determines the shape order. For example

          Margin Rating =

          IF ISNULL(AVG([Margin])) THEN NULL

          ELSEIF AVG([Margin]) < 0 THEN "0"

          ELSEIF AVG([Margin]) < 100 THEN "1"

          ELSEIF AVG([Margin]) < 200 THEN "2"

          ELSEIF AVG([Margin]) < 300 THEN "3"

          ELSE "4"



          Then create a custom shape palette with only the 5 ratings, ordered by file name. This is easier than it sounds. Just go to the folder Documents\My Tableau Repository\Shapes, copy the ratings folder to, for example, ratings_custom and remove the shapes you don't want. See knowledge base article:



          Now when you assign the ratings_custom palette to Margin Rating, the default mapping will be aligned with the shape file names. 


          See attached.