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    Map help

    Ravi Bharwani

      I have a data set of firms that I want to plot on a map - A lot of the firms are located in the same city, and in a country where zip codes are not accepted.  How do I get multiple dots/shapes to scatter around the city, instead of a larger dot?

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Ravi, what sort of volume are we talking? Can you post a spreadsheet with just your country/state/city/zipcode columns? [No need to include any data.] I suspect there's a free web utility out there that can take your zipcodes and generate some lat/longs for you. Then you can bring these into Tableau with your data. If you're only talking about a few multiples in a city, you can create a calculated field that adds degrees of lat/long based on another field. Tedious, but it works.



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            Ravi Bharwani

            Up to 50/city.  I think having a pie chart that can be zoomed in and reflects firm data works for now.