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    Is there a way to just show the 'default' dashboard in a workbook

    Donna Coles

      I have a workbook that contains multiple dashboards.  When I publish the workbook to the server, anyone accessing one of the dashboards sees all the other dashboards as tabs which is the desired behaviour.


      Currently all the individual dashboard worksheets are listed separately on the server itself via the <server>/workbooks/<report name> page or <server>/views page. 


      However, I ideally only want one of the dashboard worksheets to be listed on the server, but still retain the behaviour of a user seeing the other tabs when they access the report.


      Has anyone any ideas on how I might be able to achieve this?


      Alternatively, is there anyway to modify the behaviour of the tableau server screens such that if a user clicks on a workbook the 'default' or 1st worksheet of the workbook opens as opposed to the list of worksheets in the workbook displaying.


      Thanks in advance.


      PS - I'm using tableau v 7.0.8