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    Workbook tags seem to disappear on re-publish

    Donna Coles

      When I publish a workbook to the server, I can specify the project, the workbook name and tags I want to associate to aid user searching.  The tags are visible against the workbook when viewed on the server.


      However, if I close the client then re-open the saved workbook I just published, and select to publish again, the name & project fields are retained, but the tags I set are lost.


      More importantly, if I download the workbook from the server into the client and then republish, once again the name & project fields are retained from where I downloaded from, but the tags field is empty.


      We're concerned as we plan to use tags as one of the means for people to find relevant reports, but someone making a minor amendment to a report may inadvertently lose the tag data that had been originally set against it.


      Has anyone else experienced this behaviour and/or is it a known issue.


      Many thanks.


      - we're using Tableau v 7.0.8

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          Donna, this is not a bug. It is standard behaviour, and has been like that since ever, as far as I can tell.

          I also find it frustrating as I frequently re-publish workbooks and have to re-enter all the tags.


          I wrote to Tableau about it long time ago, but I don't think there was any development on this.

          I didn't bother creating an idea for it (another long story), and quick search tells me that no-one else did.

          Maybe we should...

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            Donna Coles

            Thanks for the info.  Seems a bit odd behaviour for standard behaviour - renders the feature relatively useless as far as I'm concerned as it's too easy to lose the tags. Using tags was suggested as a way for us to help people find reports that may sit in projects they're not used to navigating into.  I can't see us spending time encouraging this with our report writers if its so easy to lose them.  I'll add it to the ideas board and see what happens. 

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              I am also frustrated by Desktop forgetting the tags when re-publishing to server.

              Another frustration is to make tags more useful for finding reports by having them categorized. For this purpose I created this idea: <Tag Categories Search Menu> having <One-Click All-Seen Buttons>

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                Donna Coles

                Thanks Johan.  I've also just created an idea about getting the tags retained at publication, as without getting this 'fixed' I can't see my team spending any time and effort in encouraging the use of this feature as a means of searching as its too easy to lose them.




                FYI - am quite a newbie, so hope I'm going about this the right way.....

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                  You are doing this the right way (I have already voted +1 for your idea)

                  For me the tags are only helpful for improved searches, because currently they are 2-3 clicks away and cluttered, because they are not categorized. Since the users don't know the tags, I wonder if they are even useful for searches. The server tag system really needs to be improved.

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                    Donna Coles

                    To be honest, we're so new at this, that we haven't got to the point of knowing whether the search actually adds any value yet (we were hoping so....).  We'd been discussing how we might structure our 'portal' on the tableau server via projects etc with our tableau consultants, and the use of tags was suggested as a way of helping out with the fact that you are quite limited as to how things can be grouped together. 

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                      Rick Kunkel

                      The Add tags field that is displayed at publish time will add tags to the existing ones on the workbook.  Tableau Desktop will not display the tags that have already been attached to the workbook.  The only way to see how the workbooks are currently tagged is to navigate to them in Tableau Server.


                      For instance, let's say that a workbook has already been tagged with "dog" and "cat".  When you re-publish the workbook, you will not see "dog" and "cat" in the Add Tags field.  (You may, however, see them in the recent tags field, underlined in blue, if the tags have been recently used.)  Entering "fish" into the Add tags field will result in the workbook being tagged with "dog", "cat", and "fish". 


                      The recent tags list (the tags underlined in blue at publish time) currently does not work as expected 100% of the time, and a resolution is in development.

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                        Rick Kunkel

                        An Ideas Forum post was created to address a different issue, and I think that the desired functionality matches Donna's original post:


                        Show existing workbook tags when re-publishing in Tableau Desktop