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    compare measures

    John Ely

      Really simple question but I am stuck atm.  I am trying to compare 3 measures over time.  The 3 measures all show up on distinct axes but I want them all on one.  Packaged workbook attached.  Any help greatly appreciated.



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          Mark Holtz

          Hi John,


          You can get them all on the same axis by putting the  "Measure Values" pill on the Rows shelf rather than the 3 distinct measure pills. Then make sure to put "Measure Names" in the color slot of the Marks shelf.


          See tab 2 of attached workbork.


          You can control how they aggregate, and format and which measures to include from the Measure Values Shelf. Note that you must make all marks the same type (e.g., line) within the Measure Values pill. (I understand Tableau 8 will introduce more capabilities around this, coming soon...)

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            John Ely

            thanks Mark!