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    Tracking previous YTD quantities




      I am a new user to Tableau, and I'm trying to calculate a % difference between Current YTD volume and Previous YTD volume.


      I can calculate current YTD easy enough, however I'm having difficulty arriving at the correct number for the Previous YTD figures.


      I'm trying to use a calculated field, and have used the following formula:



           DATEDIFF('year',[Order Date],TODAY())=1


           Month([Order Date])<=MONTH(TODAY())





      This returns a result that is correct if calculating for the first two months of the year, but I don't want the remaining days of February to be calculated. I want a true Year to date.


      Can someone assist on how to write the proper formula to accomplish this?


      For example, I want all sales figures from 01/01/12 through the 02/04/12 (assuming today is 02/04/13.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.