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    Is there a possibility to change parameters by a calculated field?


      I have a diagram (ok, as always) (simple columns) and, unfortunately the datas' values are very different, means that there maybe is one value around 100000 and another around 10.


      I already have parameter controls for every single category to adjust in case you don't see anything as consequence of the effect mentioned above.

      But I have many categories and it's tiring to adjust every single one manually just to fill the screen with visible columns.


      Long introduction, my question is: Can I automatically adjust the data values (calculated field, devide by 10,100 etc which should work) AND display the degree of adjustement which has been made?


      (that's why the title asks for changing parameters by calculated fields, I've planned originally to make parameters with lists such as 10/100/1000 and set them by the calculated field, depending of the factor it has been resized).


      Thank you very much

      everyone (already for reading my issue :-) )