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    Multiple Filters not working in synchronised manner

    Rudra Pratap


          I developed a dashboard having multiple filters and charts.Let me explain you the issue that I am facing.Take for example two filters.

          1. Region 2.Country

           Region has values : APAC,EMEA,AMERICA,ALAC

           Country has Values : America,Mexico,India,China etc..


           By default the value is  ALL for these filters.If I select Region as APAC then the country filter shows the countries present in that region.Suppose I selected India.Now the following scenarios appear.


      1.) If I keep Region as All values in database : then If I am now selecting the Region value as EMEA(Europe) then the Country filter still shows the vale as India in bracket and the dashboard goes blank (but the dropdown contains correct values).I want to show ALL if the said country is not present in that Region and if present then show that country itself.


      2.)If I keep Region as Only Relevant values : then when I selected India,the Region filter got refreshed and showed only APAC. Now the region value is coming as ALL having only one value APAC.Here I dont want to show All.I want to show the Region which have been selected.



      Overall My requirement is that when the Country is present in a region then it should show that value,but if not present then it should show ALL along with the countries inside the region.


      Its a very trivial requirement which is obstructing my dashboard to go live.Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated.



      Thanks & Regards,