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    Help Desk Ticket Reporting with variance

    Daniel Ortiz

      Hi Everyone,


      I am a newbie to Tableau and have been tasked with creating reports for the Help Desk.


      I have created several Worksheets and have modified the Fiscal Year for my company. However, I need to show the variance between the Previous FY and the Current FY.


      See the attached image of what I have created thus far.


      Thank you,

      DannyVillage Problems.jpg

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Danny,


          One way you can do this would be to create a calculated field similar to the following:


          Window_VAR(sum([Number of Records]), first(), first()+1)


          Once it is placed on the view, right click and select Compute Using-->[Date Field]


          Hope this helps!



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            Daniel Ortiz

            Hi Tracy,


            Thank you for replying to my post. I have tried what you suggested but am not sure exactly how to place the calculated field on my view.


            Just to make sure that I am explaining this correctly, I am looking to have a 3rd column to show the difference between FY2011 and FY2102.

            For example:


            FY2011    FY2012    Variance

            55                53             -2

            27                58             31


            Then I would change the Variance to show a percentage.


            Please let me know if i am explaining it correctly.


            Thank you,