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    Issue with Sorting

    Ajit Kumar


      I have created an Area chart with 2011 full year and 2012
      discrete month number.


      In order to bring 2011 full year number with 2012 discrete
      month number, I have created a calculated field called ‘DATE’. Now when I am creating an Area chart with Country and the
      Date (calculated field) field in this case Months are sorted alphabetically.


      Logically it should be sorted on Month chronological i.e. Jan, Feb, march and so on. If we create any area chart or Bar chart with Date
      field then automatically it sorts the month on the basis of Month chronological order which is correct.


      In my case I am using a calculated field in order to bring dates. In this case how to sort the date in Monthly chronological order. I understand
      we have manual sorting option as well but what if when we will have data for 2013 months. Then again I will have to manually sort the month. I want this to be happened automatically.


      Is it possible that a calculated field for Date can be sorted automatically in month chronology?
      If yes then please tell me how can I do it in my case?


      Or is there any work around for this, like we can do some change in the formula but the result set should not get affected.