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    scatter plot with time component

    Eric Sproles

      Hello Tableau-


      I am new to your software, and am trying to incorporate it into an upcoming presentation. Thanks for the outstanding product.


      I am able to plot individual points in a scatter plot. However in addition to the xy values of the data there is a time series for the points.I would like to placea line connecting the points in the correct time sequence.   Each year forms a counter clockwise loop of 12 monthly xy values, starting in the lower left and looping close to its origin. But when I plot the data in Tableau with a line, the graph loses the loop and becomes more of a time series. The loop is the main point of the graph.


      Also in the end, there will be 7 loops, one for each year.


      Is there a method to get the loops plotted with a line?


      I have enclosed sample data for one year, and also a plot made with the "scatter with line" function in excel.


      Thanks for your help-

      Thrown for a Loop