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    Can I "lock down" a view of a dashboard  consider it a "scenario", then make changes with parameters to get a different view?

    DJ Crane

      I am creating a visualization that uses several parameters to test assumptions and display sensitivity. This will be used in an interactive workshop.  I'd like to be able to lock down a scenario - ideally  temporarily - , then go on to explore other scenarios. A scenarios is essentially a combination of parameter values. It would be straightforward to export a pdf of the summary dashboard. But I'd also like to be able to return to "Scenario 1" and adjust it om response to the group saying something like ... "let's use Scenario 1, but raise the growth rate input for 2 of the 5 territories."


      An early / simple mockup of the viz is attached.


      I'm relatively new to Tableau, and perhaps this is not the intent of interactive dashboards "with a memory" for several "what if" cases, but would appreciate any suggestions.